A notice

After running the blog for a while, I’ve noticed a few minor problems. I think the following ways may help improve this blog.

1. I found that some of you have updated the post. This is good. However, because of the setting (we have set the number of posts shown on each page to be 10 ), some of the posts remain unnoticed even if they have been updated. So I am proposing that if you have updated the post (at least not insignificantly, make your own judgement), please also update the date (or time) of your post (it’s easy: by quick edit). The newest post will automatically be pushed to the top. [Hey Ken: I have done this to your post, I hope you won’t mind! :-) ]

2. Some of you have written some posts of considerable length. Again that’s nice. But perhaps you would only want the first few paragraphs of your article to appear on the front page of this blog. One reason is that it would take some time for a computer with slow connection to load the page, as the latex code is compiled as images. The other reason is that perhaps a good title and a few paragraphs of introduction will give enough hints for the readers to get a feeling of what you are talking about. So for clarity perhaps it’s better to cut it short and let the interested readers to click into the article. You can easily do this by using the “more” command in the editor. Perhaps by doing this we can allow more posts to appear on the front page too.

3. This is actually minor. If you want to put something (e.g. a notice) to be always on top, you can put the “sticky post” option on. I have done this to a notice.

4. For those of you who want to convert your latex code into a post, perhaps you would like to try (though not a must) LaTeX2WP. The advantage is: wordpress doesn’t support equation numbering and theorem type environment, so it’s a nice idea to use a script to convert the latex code into some html code. LaTeX2WP can be run in the computers in our office, but you have to download Python first. For the computers in the office, after you’ve installed it, you have to set the path. See if this pic makes sense to you (e.g. my installation folder is C:\Python27). You can ask me if you are not very sure how to use it.

Any other comments are welcome.

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4 Responses to A notice

  1. Ken Leung says:

    Should we “advertise” this blog to the undergrads? It seems that quite a number of our posts are suitable for undergrads.

  2. honleungdydx says:

    Thanks KKK for useful suggestions.

    To publicize to the undergrads, one possibly way is posting a link to the facebook.

  3. KKK says:

    It’s a good idea to publicize to the undergrads. I don’t know a lot of undergrad students myself so I leave this task to you. But care should be taken that (perhaps I’m just too cautious):

    1. Perhaps we should assign them to be authors instead of administrators, so that they can still post and edit their posts, but can’t edit others’ and change the setting.

    2. I welcome any discussion, but they should be warned that merely posting homework problems is not very suitable here. (I mean, they can still post it, but we may not answer it. ) Beside, if the problem is not really very motivating (e.g. what is the integral of blahblahblah), there are other excellent forums (e.g. MathOverflow) for this purpose (however, posting a homework problem is often not very welcomed in these forums too).

  4. Charles Li says:

    2 is a good idea, may be the admins should manually do that for all the posts?

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