A meta post, and two articles

1. Is there any way to support MathJax here? It can translate directly the latex code to display math. It is supported on blogspot, I find it more convenient.

2. I believe many of us come across some very good articles from time to time and would like to share with people. It is good to write blog post ourselves, which gives a personal touch and perspectives on a topic, but sometimes an article is already quite good for sharing directly.

I would like to share articles and papers in some blog posts, because sometimes my “rewriting” means nothing better than copying… I raise this issue since it deviates from the usual style of this collective blog, so what do you think? I am thinking of focusing on good (readable or concise?) articles accessible to undergraduate students or beginning graduate students.

Here is an example.

a. The Sharkovsky Theorem: A Natural Direct Proof
“The genius of Alexander Sharkovsky lay in realizing that there is a structure to the set of periods.”

Sharkovsky’s theorem states that if a continuous function f on real line has a periodic point of least period m and m precedes n in a certain ordering, then f  has also a periodic point of least period n.

It includes the famous special case: If a continuous real function has a periodic point with period 3, then there is a periodic point of period n for every integer n.  This could be understood in less than 3 pages(p. 231-233)~

b. What Is… Percolation?

The Notices of the AMS contains expository articles and something “soft” about mathematics, comparing to technical publications. The length of this “What Is…” series article is usually kept within two or three pages. The topics can be difficult, but provide us an exposure to different facets of the mathematical world~

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2 Responses to A meta post, and two articles

  1. KKK says:

    1. It seems that we cannot use MathJax in wordpress.COM due to some security problems. I myself use (a slighly modified version of) LaTeX2WP to get around the problem of converting latex code to HTML, though this is obviously not a perfect solution to this problem. Anyone offering a better solution would be very much appreciated. [I know there are some blogs/websites which can support javascript, and hence MathJax, most notably MathOverflow, but migrating the site seems to create more problems (e.g. how can we migrate the old posts?). ]

    2. That actually doesn’t deviate from the aim of this blog, but perhaps we just haven’t done enough in this direction (partially my fault…). In addition to giving the link of the article, we may also give a short introduction of the subject/explain why this article is interesting/give some personal comments/suggest a good textbook for learning these materials/explain the relations between this topic and other branches of math etc etc. (Some of these are trivial for the experts, but would be beneficial to most of us.) Michael has certainly set a very good example in doing this.

    [Michael: by the way I have edited your post slightly to get the latex working. This again demonstrates the first point of Michael. ]

  2. Eva says:

    I got this web site from my pal who told me about this web site and at the moment this time I am browsing this site and reading very informative articles here.

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