A discussion forum

In order to facilitate discussion, I have set up a discussion forum here:

One of the most effective way of learning mathematics is by discussion. While there are excellent sites like MathOverflow or StackExchange where you may even find Fields medalists answering your questions, the purpose of this forum is that we could keep the discussion more “local” (if you are afraid of asking in front of the whole world), informal, and perhaps more down-to-earth, without feeling any pressure of asking “stupid questions”. Another advantage is the latex support here, which is better than other platforms, e.g. facebook. I hope we can gather a group of math students/mathematicians so that the forum can run effectively.

To participate in a discussion, please register for a login name (it’s free). Registered users can post new topics and reply on the forum. You will be assigned as an administrator once your identity is confirmed. Although I name it “cuhkmath”, it is open to everyone, so feel free to join!

Since I am not an expert in technology, feel free to suggest how we can improve this forum. (In fact I am still learning how to configure that site. ) E.g. I am using a free web hosting service (BinHoster) and it seems that the sever is not very stable sometimes. You may suggest how to migrate it to another site if you have a better option.

LaTex can be used in the forum, which is an advantage. I encourage you to make use of the preview function for testing.

Lastly, I want to say that it’s impossible to keep the forum alive by a single person. Your participation by actively participating in discussions is really really appreciated.

Thank you and enjoy! :D

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