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Zeros of random polynomials

Given a polynomial , where the coefficients are random, what can we say about the distribution of the roots (on )? Of course, it would depend on what “random” means. Here, “random” means that the sequence is an i.i.d. sequence … Continue reading

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Euler’s formula e^ix = cos x + i sin x: a geometric approach

Today I mentioned the famous Euler’s formula briefly in my calculus class (when discussing hyperbolic functions, lecture notes here): where is a solution to (usually denoted by “”, but indeed there is no single-valued square root for complex numbers, or … Continue reading

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Complex analysis – Problem solving strategies.

This post is written in spirit of Terrance Tao’s post on problem solving strategies in real analysis. Our emphasis will be on concrete techniques with plenty of examples (many are taken from past prelim questions in UW).

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Principle of subordination

First we recall the statement of Schwarz’s lemma, which is a basic result in complex analysis. Let be the unit disk in . Schwarz’s lemma. Let . If for all and , then , and for all . If or … Continue reading

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